Its been awhile

As you may or may not know, I am now streaming a bit of gameplay to my Twitch account ArrogancyCG. Somebody took my normal handle so this one will have to do for now.

If anybody is wondering how my Keto thing is going, it is pretty dope. I am currently sitting at 250 from a starting weight of 268. Honestly, no real working out has been done. That said I am ready for some carbs. The end of this month couldn’t come soon enough. I AM GOING TO EAT SOME DOUGHNUTS SON!!! I can’t stop thinking about the carb’ed up meals I am about to have. Short stack of pancakes? Couple of Belgium waffles? Fruit? Corn? Potatoes? All of that. I am going to eat some carbs.

That said I will be more deliberate about what I am eating and when. This Keto thing was quite the experiment and I am not against someone doing this for a solid amount of time but I think it is more of a weight cut than a lifestyle change for me. As a weight cut, this was extremely effective.

Next month brings another new diet plan. More weight cutting as I try to shred pounds. This one will be “3 weeks to shredded.” This is a diet laid out by the legendary Mike Dolce of “Dolce Diet” fame. If you are into MMA you have heard of this guy for sure. I plan to have a cheat day of sorts between these two diets but the plan at the end of it all is to hit 220. That is 48 pounds down from April. Can I do this by June 22? Maybe. All I can say is that I will try.

-Arrogancy, Carbless Gamer

Streaming and stuff

So I am live on Twitch guys. Feel free to check out:

I am streaming “The Division” mostly until I can get my Overwatch fix. If you haven’t played The Division, you should. Don’t live under a rock bro. Also, don’t complain about the third person camera, I have been it done way worse. Follow me on Twitch, subscribe to my channel, watch my old videos and stuff.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Whats the plan for May?

Well… May is now. So what is my plan this month? I am going to keep the Keto dream alive for 30 more days. I think I kinda miss carbs though. In addition to this I will start back to a regular gym routine because I honestly haven’t been going. It is extremely easy to make an excuse and say “I just don’t have time.” This is where you make time. I am going to be active for 30 solid days in May. LETS DO THIS!


-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Hi, I’m Keto

For a while now I have had a plan to do this Keto thing. I made this whole plan about going Keto from May 1. Thirty days of being really focused on not eating carbs. I decided that maybe I should start this process earlier so May turned into April. So on April 1, armed with limited knowledge of what Ketosis is, I stopped eating carbs.


So what is this post about? I am going to expose some things that I learned while trying to dig deeper in to this keto thing.

1. Keto Flu
2. Instant Dehydration
3. Fiber is your friend
4. Carbs are everywhere

So starting with point 1, Keto flu is not going to be mentioned if you google Keto diet and click the first link… Actually it won’t be in 5 links. YOU HAVE TO DIG FOR THIS NONSENSE! Keto flu is a real thing that doesn’t really get talked about, but I want people to know, we have to spread awareness. So backstory, I have done major dietary changes before and your body will adjust and during that period, typically, your body will manifest some sort of oddity. In my experience, going from eating whatever you eat normally to getting jacked on supplements and protein shakes twice a day will manifest “Protein Farts.” These are super stank and gassy farts that happen when your body is adjusting to a sudden increase of protein intake. Keto flu is the protein fart of ketosis. You get legit flu symptoms, my nose was running, my eyes watering, I was not sure what was going on. I just knew I was sick. This apparently is a normal occurrence. It is simply your body adjusting, but for me it was a shocking moment and I was on the cusp of calling in sick.

Drink a ton of water friends. No like… more than that. If you are not accustomed to drinking about a gallon of water a day you are in for a rude awakening. This is yet another thing I was not knowledgeable about when I started Keto. Having clear or slight yellow tinge to your urine is a sign of healthy kidney function and hydration. This is where I am normally pre-keto. Lighter is better but being Keto, your urine can get quite dark which shows signs of dehydration and possible renal failure. Not only can you get dehydrated extremely quickly but the things that come with dehydration are terrible, namely, headaches. You have to drink water almost constantly and make sure you are hydrated. Also Powerade zero is a good choice. Another thing I suggest investing in is MIO, or any product similar to that. Drinking plain water gets quite annoying.

I was not sure about the carb count with Keto. If you read one place it will say 25 carbs per day. Another place will say 50 carbs a day. One says total carbs, one says net carbs. Yet another will say never exceed 5% carbs in your macro nutrients. To this day, I am not sure which is correct so I do a combo. I do net carbs of 25 or less, total carbs of 50, never exceeding 5% total macros. This is a complex game of chess when choosing the foods you eat. Fiber helps you to stay under the 25 carb cap. Be mindful of your fiber intake and be sure to subtract it from your total carbs to see your net.

Speaking of carbs, they are everywhere. Carbs will sneak attack you while you’re sleeping. I was hanging out with my son and a carb just walked straight up to me and said “I’m coming in.” Carbs are in all of your favorite things… at least they are in all of my favorite things. I love oranges, like 6 oranges a day love. I love potatoes, basically in every form. I love corn, pretty much anyway I can get it. All of my favorites have carbs all up in there. I like other fruits as well but you just can’t do it on Keto. Just walk past all fruits. Walk past all things considered a starch. Just don’t do it.

I hope this info helps somebody out there.

-Arrogancy, Keto Gamer


So I completed my build

I have not been posting for awhile. I have been doing the family thing and recently completed my PC… mostly.

If you are bored enough to check it out heres my build:

In addition, I have streamed a little bit. No mic and since I am new to streaming I don’t have a cool looking channel. My streams are basically me being frustrated that OW isn’t out and D3 just ended its season. A lot of randomness going on over there. If you feel inclined, check me out:

I don’t have established stream times or anything, I just know when OW drops I will be streaming a lot of that.  I don’t have much more than that though folks. I promise to load up some content soon, I am just doing a large amount of real life “Adulting.”


-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Down to the final items

I just finished buying every internal component for my new PC. What started out as a grand and very over the top PC has been scaled back to modesty with function. I can’t complain though, I really like the build… On paper. I am not sure when I will actually compile all of this gear into a single box. I have done a ton of stuff and things and yet I have found myself lacking the time to game which will likely translate into me finding a lack of time to install all of these components.

Keyboard, Mouse, Headset & Monitor. That’s what I have left to purchase. That and a decent Webcam. Because the streams are coming. You folks are going to see my smiling face all up on the interweb. Get excited!

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

I fought the 5k and the 5k won

So I have officially completed my 5k for the month… It was bad, like real bad. Imagine for a second that you are watching “The Dark Knight” and then whatever the movie equivalent to a mile later, somebody switches it to Batman & Robin. If you are not catching my metaphor let me break it down. The Dark Knight is arguably the best Batman film to date. Batman & Robin is one of the worst films in film history. That’s what happened to me folks. I was The Dark Knight all up in that run and about a mile in something in my back went awry, queue the latex nipple suit and corny punchlines. I had so much more race left to run but my body said no. I slowed to a snails pace and had to walk, gritting my teeth, to the end.

I am not trying to sell you on the idea that this race didn’t count or something, just speaking the truth. As it goes, I have been bested in 5k challenge by several people. So I will start drafting up those “I beat the chubby gamer” shirts. Official times have been coming in and I am looking at dead last I believe. 53:10 was my time according to my fitbit. (Started before I actually began the race mind you.) Times reported so far:

J. Land: 25.43 (Reported 02-20-16) Hawaii

K. Land: 30:43 (Reported 02-11-16) Hawaii

B. Sell: 34:10 (Reported 03-19-16) Ohio

S. Harr: 43:49 (Reported 03-07-16) Oklahoma

T. Harr: 45:40 (Reported 03-07-16) Oklahoma

C. Land: 41:07 (Reported 03-26-16) Kansas

According to this I am dead last. QQ shedding digital tears all up on the internet. I am proud of the people that have participated. I am proud to be beaten. Also I somehow feel like science and being closer to the equator makes running easier.

I propose that we do this again in 6 months. Once I get some more training and a few chiropractor visits.


–  Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Counting down the days…

I feel like the OW launch is so close and I have so much to do. Reality is, there is more than 30 days between then and now. Also, I only have a few more parts to get for this machine to be up and running.

I may have mentioned before that I am totally drinking the kool-aid on this one and going all out on a machine. I lied. This is no way to start a friendship. I scaled back quite a bit as I moved from the planning phase to the purchase phase. Truth is, I have a kid and spending selfishly without regard to whether or not it may affect anyone else just isn’t my thing. I didn’t dig quite as deep into my personal spending account as I thought I would. Not only did I not go for an SLI build, I went for a more budget conscious card. I didn’t spring for the i7, stuck with an i5 6600. I got decent RAM but still not too far out of the average build. You guys already saw my motherboard, I spent more than enough on that thing.

My focal point here is my single Video card. The item in question?

EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB SSC

I am thinking about what if I had gone for the 4gb version (I only realized later that it came in 4gb) or gone for the GTX 970 or… the R9 380. I realize the 380 might be more of a sidegrade than an upgrade to this card in game but something about having the extra memory on the card just seems like a good idea. I have bought this lesser card with the thought in mind that I will purchase a different card in the coming months… probably as a birthday gift to myself. I don’t know how much I will spend nor what the name of said card will be, but I for sure will get it. In the meantime I will have a card strong enough to run OW without fail.

So what is left to buy?

As far as internals; I am lacking a CPU cooler, OS and Hard drive. I need a monitor, headphones, keyboard and mouse but its not that big of a deal as I can get cheap versions of all of those items if I don’t have them lying around. I have never been big on speakers so I won’t have to worry about that. All in all I have about $700 left to spend on finishing this build. I will be busy watching price fluctuations in the next 30 days.

– Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

ASUS Maximus VIII Hero


This is quite possibly the sexiest board I have ever seen. All black PCB is just the start. The I/O panel, on-board lights, Solid caps…


From the start this was one of two boards that I was going to build my new PC around. I knew I wanted something that was at a good price point but also supported DDR4. This thing looks like it came out of some futuristic murderbot that was sent back in time to help me spank noobs. I honestly think ASUS found some gamers and said “What do you think a board should look like?” They locked that group in a room with massive amounts of code red, red bull, twizzlers and pizza bagels… This board was the result of that terribly unfortunate situation. This board is more groundbreaking than Kirk Franklin doing the milly rock on stage. I have had an ASUS board before (I forget which one) but they didn’t completely sell me on the brand. I think this might have just done it though. I will keep you folks posted as more parts roll in.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Fatherhood Anxiety

So I was talking to my wife the other night and expressed that I felt stressed. Not like “oh man my blood pressure is high and I am at risk of an aneurysm.” Nor was it “slay my co-workers” stress. This was like a more of a self imposed “Am I doing enough with my life.”

This is a existential crisis of monumental proportions folks. I have a child. Like a living breathing human that relies on me. Prior to having this little guy I spoke into existence the things I wanted most for him. Freedom, equality, liberty, happiness (Other stuff I ripped off writers.) But most of all, I wanted him to be a good person. You don’t have to be nice or be the super self sacrificing guy everybody feels sorry for, I just want him to be a good person. Then I started to question my self. My motives even.

Am I a good person?

I would like to think so. My friends would probably agree. If nothing else, I am a mostly good individual. The second I broke myself down and was able to make that statement, that was when I started asking “What makes a good person?” “Why do I consider myself good?” “Even if I am ‘good’ does that make me good enough?” It is mind boggling. I want more for my son, as a result, I need to make more happen for myself. I would love for my son to grow up with more privilege than I had, but not enough so that he becomes an asshole.

Yup, I said it, ASSHOLE.

I need him to be able to see that he is privileged and not tread on those that are not. I want him to be a helping hand. I want him to know the difference between a hand up and a hand out. Perhaps I am going too deep into my own blackness (surprise, nerdy black guy owns this site.) But I need him to be able to navigate through life easier than I. So, I need to work harder & smarter in order to position him to gain any advantages I can bestow.

Which leaves me here, stressed. Wondering about all the thing that I could do in order to get from point A to point B. Anybody feeling this rant hitting close to home?

-Arrogancy, Stressed Gamer