So I am a dad now.


No seriously I look like my primary source of nutrition is ice cream sandwiches. My wife just gave birth to our baby boy. He is amazing. So amazing that daddy doesn’t get any sleep. Daddy has been eating snacks for the past two days. Daddy is wired on caffeinated high fructose corn syrup. But daddy loves you little one. GEEZ YOU ARE AMAZING! My face looks swollen, my belly is engorged, my cheeks are puffy, I have dark circles under my eyes. I look like a survivor of the zombie apocalypse… A survivor that lived by hiding out in a hostess factory.

Lets get into fitness overdrive. I mean, I can do this solo but sometimes I need friends. Fake friends, real friends, whatever. I need somebody to go hard at the gym so I am motivated to go hard at the gym. I have to get into pre-baby mode. Sympathetic pregnancy is a real thing folks. I lost 5 pounds at the beginning of this pregnancy and I am pretty sure I have put on 10 in 2 days. This is not normal, it shouldn’t be humanly possible.

I am going to try my best once we leave the hospital that I get in the gym and stick to a routine that I don’t fall off of. Chubby Motivation time!


-Arrogancy, Really Chubby Gamer

Working Day and Night!

This is a song title that I love. I addition, it describes my life right now. Just working a lot. I actually enjoy my job finally so it isn’t a big issue. But it does get in the way of me gaming all the time and going to the gym. Going to the gym is dope but I have realized that I enjoy it because I have a routine. The second I get thrown off my routine it becomes increasingly difficult to get back to it.

I have noticed a lot of people are like me, Going to the gym is tough, then you get to going and you are good, routinely showing up every day you scheduled. Then something happens, something unavoidable and suddenly you can’t possibly get back to the gym. Suddenly you just don’t have time. Thats what is going on right now. I just don’t have time. I don’t know where it all went but here I am struggling to get to the gym. My newest challenge? My membership ran out. I meant to go past the gym and get it renewed but they close the office before I get off work. I would have to persuade my wife to go renew it but, she is pregnant. This is like one of the best trump cards ever. Somehow I will find time because I can’t just lose this 5k challenge. I can’t be giving away T-shirts all willy nilly, ya dig?

-Arrogancy, Chubby Procrastinator

Fun things coming soon!

So if anybody actually reads this blog, they will know I am trying to get in the proper shape for a 5k. A 5k, where I will make new strides. A 5k where a T-shirt is at stake. This week, I will be purchasing running shoes. Real running shoes. I will not give out any free advertisement but apparently the company that makes these shoes is legit as it gets. Valid like salad.

I really have to get with someone to design the “I Beat The Chubby Gamer” shirts. Honestly I plan on this being a limited release because, lets be honest, not too many people are going to step out and beat me. I am me, after all.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Winner

Husband friends

Anybody out there married? How about folks that are in a serious, long term, relationship? Do you get forced into awkward social situations because of your significant other?

Not sure what I mean? Allow me to explain. Last year my wife and I went to a happy hour of sorts with her friend and her friends husband. Prior to going I asked “why do I need to go?” It was explained to me that her friends husband would be there and I would “like him.” Many people are forced into these situations every day. Your significant other has a friend who has a significant other and they decide they now you are all friends.  I call them Husband Friends.  They are the husband of my wife’s friend, Husband Friend.

So here goes the thing. I don’t want any new friends. Not only do I not want any new friends, I am not looking for new friends. I am not accepting any new friend applications. I am almost 30, 30 year old people do not look for new friends. At least that is how I feel. But your partner will make friends for you. Then force you into play dates with your new friend. This is something that happens with children, not adults. Adults don’t go on play dates, unless you are in a relationship apparently.

Going back to the story, my wife told me ahead of the scheduled play date that I should be nice to this man I am meeting. This really meant that I should just be my normal, cordial, charming self that I typically present to the public. I was asked, ladies and gentlemen, to be the same person I am every day. I was offended… Very offended. I dwell on this moment from time to time. I think about it and start tracing lines from it to points closer to today, I can even draw lines from there to points prior and I realize, as an adult, people make a lot of friends for you. So the real question is, how many of these friends do you keep?  Do any of you have Husband Friends?


-Arrogancy, Unfriendly Gamer

New Year, Same Me.

Disclaimer: Apparently I never hit Publish on this post

I have been working hard at my new job. Its put a damper on my workouts but it is time to kick it into high gear. My little sister has challenged me to “make meat the side.” for January. I am mostly going vegetarian for the month.  This will honestly be a challenge for me.

In other news, I am restarting my C25K program and getting actual running shoes.  I pronate and have other movement issues that I am told can be handled by getting better footwear.  Apparently my Reebok Pumps aren’t dope for running.  Maybe I am just being handled by the folks at the running shoe store, maybe I am in for a world of comfort.  Either way, if these new shoes do half of what this lady says, they will be worth the cash.


-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Whats been going on?

So I have been on hiatus for awhile now, life is busy.  Everybody has a life, mine is no different.  I recently got a new job and of course I have this glorious bundle of joy on the way to my home soon.  Life comes at you fast.  So here I am, the first update in a couple weeks or something like that.  I am still inviting people for the 5k challenge.  I am still staying active.  But I am not as active as I should be.  I am trying to readjust to my current schedule.  Finding that perfect work/life/gym balance may take a little while.  Throwing up a blog every once in awhile shouldn’t be that hard, I just have to remember to do so.  Anyway, future blogs may be a little fast and furious but I promise to expand content soon!

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

A friendly challenge – Race me

So if you saw any of my last few posts you will know that I am doing a Couch to 5K (C25K) program. If you are really paying attention you will notice that I haven’t updated in awhile and my previous updates were more or less reliant on my progress in my C25K training. Well I hope I can be a bit more consistent going forward but I also want to drive some interest into this thing.

Whats is better than a competition? A Competition where you get a T-Shirt. This won’t just be any shirt though, this will be a one of a kind shirt. I am still deliberating on the design but I am working with ideas. How do you get this mystery of a T-shirt is your next question most likely.


That’s right beat me in this race, beat everybody in this race, and you get the T-shirt.  One that will admit for all time that you have bested the Chubby Gamer.  Now, because I am not a rich man, I couldn’t give out shirts to everybody in the world even though I would like to.  I will give out bragging rights, to a single state.  Whatever state has the fastest average time will also get eternal bragging rights over me.  That’s assuming your state can muster fast enough participants to clock a better time in a 5k than I will.

Some Rules Will Be Needed

This is honestly a work in progress but one I hope to continue in the future, as of now this is the planned competition.

  • Participants must enter a 5k during the month of March 2016
  • All 5k times need to be reported by Monday, April 4th
  • All state averages as well as the overall winner will be announced Friday, April 8th
  • Reported times that are questionable and cannot be verified will be thrown out
  • All participants must express interest no later than Monday, February 15th

This is a true work in progress but if you are interested in being able to say “I Beat The Chubby Gamer” make sure to shoot me an email

-Arrogancy, Worlds Fastest Chubby Gamer


Yeah, that’s my current weight in the title. I got off my schedule of running so I am going to redo week 2 this week. Thanksgiving is serious business folks. I don’t have much to say really. I feel like I didn’t gain as much weight as I expected so that is a plus. But I feel like I let myself down by not being dedicated to sticking to this training.


-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Another day, Another Run


My shins do not like me right now. I don’t know if it is necessarily the bone but maybe like the muscles around it or something. Basically I am trying to say I am in pain. The run interval is longer now, as is the walk portion but more is more. I don’t know if taking so much time off between training days but I also don’t see myself running daily, yet. Until next time.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Runner

Idiot but not a quitter.


Ah, Week 1 Day 3. The final day of running on this program for the week. I will take a break over the weekend and start back on Monday. What can I say about this program? I think it is great. The first day was tough as I could not finish the 8th interval. The second day was not as tough but I also did not do all 8 intervals. Instead I completed the odd numbered ones with “intensity.”  Today I did all 8 intervals.  Then I realized at the end, I was smiling.  I grinned from ear to ear knowing I accomplished something, small but grand.  I noticed that I had better pacing and no noticeable slow downs on my run.  I know if I can keep this up I really believe I can complete this plan and I intend to follow up with RUNNING a 5k.  I have done 5k’s in the past but never running, at least not the whole time. There is something about the T-shirt at the end that motivates me to sign up for them.  This time I will run my 3.1 miles under my own steam.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Runner