Active October – Day 6


By far my favorite day of the week.  I love Biceps! Biceps and Back day is the best day.  I don’tr know if I have a natural affinity to curls or what but I love them.  I could seriously just take some light weight and curl for hours on end happily.  This is the biggest reward after barely surviving the Legs/Cardio/Cardio/Legs sequence  I just overcame.  I really like my arms, they are probably my favorite feature.  I love watching my biceps swell and just be awesome.  They just pop up out of nowhere and are ready to party.  I still hit cardio today but I didn’t go as hard as I did over the weekend.  I think I need to find a happy place for my cardio where I don’t feel super burned out.  I’ll have to adjust the resistance settings lower or something, as it stands it is tough to pull off cardio after doing legs.  Thank you for Tuesdays, you have made my week.  I can’t wait until next Tuesday so I can do this all over again…

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Active October – Day 5

Once again I was not able to do my blog the same night. We went to the Kevin Hart show last night so my workout ended right at midnight. My legs are feeling better. It must just take some getting used to. I will say I went lighter on the Squats but I also tried to go heavier on some other leg exercises. Regardless, I have made it to the gym every day and I am digging it. Bring on Day 6!

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Joining the fitness community = ???

Disclaimer: I am a self proclaimed researcher, I love to read and be armed with “enough knowledge to be dangerous” before taking on a task.

So over the past 72 hours or so I have been at the receiving end of a massive amount of unsolicited fitness advice.

Don’t stop

Although I did not really ask for any advice, I continue to get tons of it.  I’m not asking for it to stop but I am very interested in the process that goes on in someones head before they offer advice to another person.  While I only plan to address my fitness adventures, I guess this could apply to life in general.  You see, people hear that you are making a certain life change and because they have made this life change already or in the process of doing it, they give advice.  The majority of said advice is what I will call “Bro Science.”  Bro Science is not based on fact, it is not science at all really.  It is one person retelling their own personal experience and applying it to your life.

For example, around 2009 I was working out consistently. I had lost a large amount of weight and I would tell people “I don’t actually worry about my diet, as long as I workout I lose weight.”  This is a true statement, I used to eat Whataburger nightly, this meal included fries, a bacon cheeseburger and a large shake.  Once upon a time the shake was on their site listed as 1100 calories.  I don’t know what they have changed but currently that same 32oz strawberry shake is now listed as 910 calories. Either way it is terrible for you. The burger is listed at 740 calories and the fries another 560 calories.  If you aren’t keeping up that is 2210 calories in one sitting.  I did this every night, I was still losing weight.  It is reckless and should be borderline illegal for me to tell someone they can do the same thing.  It isn’t good advice, it is bro science.  I listened to a person rant about the virtues of muscle confusion for no less than an hour without ever saying the phrase “muscle confusion.”  This person was so confident in their advice as if it was something new to fitness they had discovered and are only sharing it with a select audience before they drop their very own beach body DVD.  You know where I heard about muscle confusion? Billy Blanks.  GTFO BUDDY GT-F’ing O.

Notice: To my friends and family that by chance read this blog, don’t stop your bro science advice.  I love it and I know it comes from a very positive and loving place.  I appreciate you getting on board with me.

Notice 2: To the person that gives out bro science at random to strangers, stop.  That is dangerous bro.  When people don’t know what they are doing you are going to get them hurt.  If someone does know what they are doing you just look like an ass.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Active October – Day 4

This day was so tough I forgot to post. So today I was going to just not work out at all. Then I looked in the mirror and realized I am an absolute monster. The gym is afraid of me. I am the thing that goes bump in the night. I am the stuff of nightmares. So I still went to the gym. I still hit my cardio. I WILL STILL DO LEGS MONDAY!

Nobody puts baby in the corner!

Am I dead tired? Yes.  Did I go to bed early last night? Yes.  But quitting isn’t in me.  Not today.  I am sore beyond my wildest dreams but I will get over it.  I forced myself to go for a jog last night.  I did it on the street because I was tricking myself mentally.  You see I had this route planned out in my head.  If I am on the street and decide to turn around, I still have to make it home, the longer I wait the more likely that it is shorter to finish the route than to turn back.  Less exit strategies than Iraq.  Winning.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Active October – Day 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel like an idiot.

I am not a personal trainer. I am not a fitness professional. I am a regular dude that is doing something I feel is phenomenal. I took it upon myself to commit to getting myself in shape. Anybody that does this is phenomenal to me. But I am currently of the opinion that my workout split was wrong. I have taken up a challenge that may be too great.  Leg day on Friday, followed by dope cardio on Saturday and Sunday sounded doable, lets not forget Monday is also a leg day. Then I actually did leg day, I followed that with doing Cardio today.  My legs are screaming help.  I did not add a rest day to my workout plan because, well, I am an idiot.  I should have.  I should have had the foresight to know going from 0-100 would have side effects.  Massive side effects such as fatigue and slow muscle recovery.

I am not an athlete.  My cardio consists of an hour of cycling and a 2 mile walk.  Also not mentioned before, as a motion of solidarity I have committed to a mile with my wife every day of her pregnancy. If you are keeping up here that is 3 miles walking and an hour cycling  EVERY DAY.  Then we have my cardio days which are doubled up so that is 4 miles of walking, 2 hours of cycling 2 days in a row after an intense leg workout followed by another intense leg workout.  Nope, nuh uh, not gonna happen.  Am I giving up?  No.  But I am admitting that I made some mental mistakes and may need to change some things.  If tomorrows Cardio goes like today, I will be adding a much needed rest day.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Active October – Day 2


I hate you. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I hate you so much. Today I hit legs so hard that your legs are seeing gains. Just go check them in mirror. You don’t have to thank me though. I think I might have struck fear into the weights today. As I mercilessly beat the leg press rack like Joe Jackson versus a young Tito. I was sort of proud of myself.


I stepped proudly up to the squat rack and started loading it up. Pump a set, Load more weight, pump another, more weight. I went until failure actually. Failure on the squat rack isn’t just embarrassing. It is absurd. As my legs went all wobbly, my body slowly rocked backwards. I am not talking slow like old people doing laps in the mall. I am talking about excruciatingly slow. I tried to stop it, not happening. I knew the safety was up and behind me so I ducked under the bar and sat there. Just looking at the weight. I hit it 5 times, no problem. I’ve repped it countless times before. I just never did it at the end of an workout and never after such an intense workout. Anyway, day 2 is in the books and this was a win for me.

–  Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Active October – Day 1


^^Trying to get like this^^

Oct. 1 is done and it was mad real. 12 miles, and Chest and Triceps were completed today. Tomorrow is Legs and I am dreading it. I am using a workout stack from and all I can say is, I was really hungry today despite eating every meal. I typically skip breakfast and sometimes won’t eat until 2 or 4 in the afternoon sometimes. I had a 6am workout and ate right after then again around 1 then dinner right after my second workout. My stomach feels like it is eating itself. One day at a time I am working towards the better me.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Active October – Going Hard in the Gym

I am amped. Are you?

I am about to put my tag line to the test starting tomorrow.  Doubling down on my workouts like nobody’s business.  I have supplements, I have alarms set, I have goals to meet.  America, lets do this!


Do not be surprised if I go from Fat Albert to Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star…

Alright, you are allowed to be surprised. Because that would be outlandish but I do expect some results.  In the event that at some point I attain a Kenshiro like physique, I will be showing up at somebodies convention in full cosplay attire and nobody is stopping me.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Diablo 3 – The Evolution of Terrible

So I realized that I haven’t really talked about any games on this blog. I tweet about them, but I haven’t blogged anything about them.

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Instagram: @ChubbyGamer

So anyway, most of my gaming is currectly dedicated to season 4 of Diablo. The seasonal challenges are fun and I  love the concept. I like being competitive even if I know number 1 is way out of my league. The idea that the game has some sort of end is also nice.

That is not what this blog is about though.

This post is about how we got to Season 4 of D3:ROS from D3 that was released in 2012. What is so great that the game is still rolling after 3 years and 1 expansion?

Lets take it back to where it all started shall we? I bought Diablo 3 within 24 hours of its release. I don’t exactly remember why I did it. I think I might have been coming off a WoW binge or changing gears from the constant MOBA’s I play. I don’t remember but I do know that I wanted to play something different and so I plus a few friends bought Diablo 2 for cheap because they were doing some sort of pre-sale in the days prior to the launch. The look of the game was dope. Areas were never the same twice, as was expected with the Diablo franchise. Then you play the game and overall it is the same as the other 2 installments of the game. You run around killing stuff and trying to get Diablo. You kill Diablo then play a harder mode. This formula has been used and apparently works quite well. We started with Normal mode. Then Nightmare. Then Hell. And then Act 1 Inferno. And then AHH WTFBBQPWNSAUCE.

Act 2 inferno was without a doubt the biggest gaming fail in 2012. There was a point where you could not beat Belial unless you were a Monk or Barbarian. This point lasted like months. I personally was playing Act 2 and I could get no where close to Maghda who is the first boss. Not because she was so hard, but because her trash clear was near impossible. A friend told me “don’t clear it just run past, she is easy.” I took the time to look up a decent build for killing her and made a run for it. She was, in fact, easier to kill than the elites in leading up to her.

Drops in Diablo were terrible. Blizzard swore that you could get the same drops from lower difficulty that you got from inferno. LIES UPON LIES. I killed Maghda with a 600 damage weapon and she dropped a 900 damage one. She dropped these things like hot cakes. It was impossible to move on to the next mission in the storyline without farming Maghda several times to get fully equipped. The game lost any smooth progression it once had. It became extremely tedious. Youtube some of the old Kripparian videos and you will see how dumb Inferno was.

To try and give those newer to the franchise a frame of reference, Inferno is basically Torment 6.  Except you were level 60 and didn’t have any class set or dope bonuses you just had normal gear that probably sucked and you couldn’t re-roll the stats. You didn’t have Paragon levels to make your character continue to get stronger. You didn’t have a ton of cooldown reduction, or crit or really anything useful. It was just plain bad. Legendary drops were SUPER ULTRA MEGA RARE! That was life and there wasn’t much to do about it. If you happened to get a legendary at say, 55… you might have used it from then until after paragon came out. I had more than a few characters that still had Yellows and Blues equipped when the expansion dropped and changed the game.

So fast forward to today, Diablo is actually playable. It is tough to complain about a game that has come this far.  I would actually suggest this game to people now, and I do suggest it to you, the reader.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Winter Is Coming – Holiday Weight?

Anybody catch that Game of Thrones reffy? (Reffy = Reference. I’m trying to make this a thing)


I don’t have a special routine or ultimate guide to eating that will help stave off the seemingly inevitable holiday pounds people gain in the final months of the calendar year. So here I am days after my birthday peering at October and knowing the following two months have a collective three days wherein you are encouraged to gorge yourself. Lets not even think about the days of leftovers you will have after celebrating.

What will I do with myself?

Stick to my goals. That is the real plan. Shirtless summer is next year which means this year is not a time for gaming around. (haha, of course there is time for gaming.) I’m really into challenges and personal achievements, they get me motivated. Following this thought I have come up with a challenge f sorts for October. I have purchased a “Weight Loss Stack” from and starting October first, I am going into a super serious workout mode. I am looking at two a day training with morning cardio every day. The afternoon workout depends on the day.

Sunday: Cardio

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Back and Biceps

Wednesday: Core and Flexibility

Thursday: Chest and Triceps

Friday: Legs

Saturday: Cardio

Yes, I know that is 2 days in a row where I do cardio twice a day.  I am comfortable with that.  This challenge is not lead by a trainer or anything of the sort, I just want to try out some supplements and put myself in the gym for thirty days and see the results.  There very well may be no real results to speak of but that will be alright with me. The idea is to go into the Holiday months with a plan and perhaps give myself a little more distance from my starting weight.


-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer