Yeah, that’s my current weight in the title. I got off my schedule of running so I am going to redo week 2 this week. Thanksgiving is serious business folks. I don’t have much to say really. I feel like I didn’t gain as much weight as I expected so that is a plus. But I feel like I let myself down by not being dedicated to sticking to this training.


-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Another day, Another Run


My shins do not like me right now. I don’t know if it is necessarily the bone but maybe like the muscles around it or something. Basically I am trying to say I am in pain. The run interval is longer now, as is the walk portion but more is more. I don’t know if taking so much time off between training days but I also don’t see myself running daily, yet. Until next time.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Runner

Idiot but not a quitter.


Ah, Week 1 Day 3. The final day of running on this program for the week. I will take a break over the weekend and start back on Monday. What can I say about this program? I think it is great. The first day was tough as I could not finish the 8th interval. The second day was not as tough but I also did not do all 8 intervals. Instead I completed the odd numbered ones with “intensity.”  Today I did all 8 intervals.  Then I realized at the end, I was smiling.  I grinned from ear to ear knowing I accomplished something, small but grand.  I noticed that I had better pacing and no noticeable slow downs on my run.  I know if I can keep this up I really believe I can complete this plan and I intend to follow up with RUNNING a 5k.  I have done 5k’s in the past but never running, at least not the whole time. There is something about the T-shirt at the end that motivates me to sign up for them.  This time I will run my 3.1 miles under my own steam.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Runner

Perhaps I am an Idiot.


So today, I did day 2 of the C25K training. I open the app, I look at the training, it says day 1 complete so I scroll over and click day 2. I start the training, the day 2 training.

I complete day 2 of training, I scroll over to look what I have coming p next, logically day 3. There it is, day 3 as expected. What was not expected was day 1, as in week 2 day 1.

In my world there is 7 days in a week.

I didn’t read any instructions for this training.  Honestly there wasn’t much to read at all.  Had I known this would only be 3 days a week I wouldn’t have been so worried about how bad I would perform on day 2.  I would not be sore, I would be rested.  But I went and ran today on day 2 because I thought that it actually meant day 2 of the week.  It didn’t, perhaps I am an idiot.  Perhaps the makers of this training app live on a planet where only 3 days exist in a week.  Perhaps I skimmed over the instructions like I do “Terms of Service” agreements right before I check the little box at the bottom.  Whatever may have occurred, there is one thing that is certain, I did day 2 today on the logical day of the week.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Overachiever

C25K Training.

I considered doing this in a daily series like I did my entries in October. But I have decided to go against that. First, because I didn’t, actually, update daily in October. Second, because I just don’t know if I am doing this for sure EVERYDAY.

One Down!
One Down!

I will say today was both a combination of Success and Failure. I set out to do my first day of C25K training today and even with having guests at the house and a full day of football to watch, I made it. This was a huge success and I will give myself a pat on the back for it. My failure came at the last segment of my walk/run where I had 60 seconds of running left. Lungs burning, mouth breathing, lower back muscles spasms, basically the biological equivalent to a Jackson Pollock painting. about 10 seconds into the run I just stopped. Nope, not going to happen, not today. Perhaps we all have a bit of masochist in us, but I was going into overtime with this. I started walking. I was determined to not stop completely, just giving up mostly. At least that how it felt. So I walked the rest of the time off which was something like 6 minutes. Not all bad but still not what I was going for.

I also noted that I have a bad diet. Not like because I eat tons of terrible food. Actually I eat some really good healthy food most of the time. But I do not eat enough daily. I track my food with MyFitnessPal and realized the first thing I ate today was a salad and that was around 4pm. Then I ate like 2 handfuls of peanuts and went to the gym. This is not OK to do. I do not suggest it to anyone.

-Arrogancy, Chubby C25Ker

Baby Showers are not Gangsta

Have you ever seen The Boondocks?

Re-read that title in the voice of Riley Freeman.  Yeah, that’s more like it.  My life is full of things that are gangsta, but I have a kid on the way.  Having a kid means you have gained new responsibilities.  When I got married I was like “Good job this is a major turning point in your life, you are no longer held accountable by your own standards. You have someone else who has standards you also have to uphold.” But having a kid?  It is like saying “Congrats, you are now responsible for a smaller accident prone version of yourself in addition to your own larger self.” This in actuality is quite Gangsta, I mean even Snoop has kids.

But, Baby showers are not Gangsta

RKO out of nowhere? Gangsta.  JJ Watt? Gangsta.  Snoop Dogg circa 1996? Gangsta.  Getting a stroller with 20 inch low profile tires and mad accessories? Sounds dope, BUT NOT GANGSTA.  I CANNOT WALK TO THIS. Rubber baby buggy bumpers are actually going to become a thing in real life and not some pointless tongue twister that I imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger saying.  Yeah, if you didn’t catch that reffy I sort of want you to go back to the 90’s and reclaim your childhood.

I have been told that I have only 1 baby shower I am obligated to go to, but the fact I have any obligatory BABY SHOWERS at all removes any swagger I may have had left in the tank.  I am officially washed. With that I leave you with a list of things that are also not gangsta, welcoming me to the club.

Derrick Rose’s Knees, 49er’s O-Line, Fat Rob Kardashian, LeBron’s Hairline, Kobe’s Finger Roll, “Why you always lying” Vines, Men in Skinny Jeans, People who wear ugly sweaters un-ironically, time between GoT seasons, Keanu Reeves.

-Arrogancy, Washed Gamer

Continuation of the 30day/30Mile challenge.

So I am here knowing, due to me being all in all lazy about running, I am behind on my miles per day and look to be on pace to not even come close to my goal. I think I need a little more motivation than just 30 in 30. So to make this challenge complete I decided to buy a Couch to 5k app. What have I done America? Who wants to see me move this frame for 3.1 miles? Probably nobody. But I am going to do it. Because I am already the best me, I am trying to show everybody else.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

Push up challenge

OK so, upon further review the guide is for 20 pull ups in a row. Which while cool, doesn’t sound as awesome as 100. Thus 20 push ups in a row isn’t as awesome as 100 either. Not sure what I will do with myself now. I did 3.5 miles today and did some heavy upper body work. It is no shave November and I am not sure if I want to be a participant. While I have not shaved this month, I am sitting here considering it. I don’t want to look too wild, there is something grand about looking well groomed.  Perhaps I take too much pride in it.

-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

So November.

This month is going to be fun.  Or at least I will pretend it is.  As you may know I have added 30miles/30days to my little list of challenges that I am doing.  Concurrently, I have found a small workout on Bodybuilding.com that is for 100 pull ups in a row.  I am not doing this.  Instead I have decided I want to try and adapt it and do 100 push ups in a row.  I haven’t set a time limit or anything to this challenge, it is just something I want to do.  I do plan to follow this same plan and do the pull ups as well.  Lets see what happens.


-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer

October has come to an End

Halloween is sort of a wack holiday. This month is not really exciting at all. What is interesting is November, or rather the holiday it is known for. Thanksgiving! This is like “all hands on deck, battle stations” for anybody trying to shed a few pounds. This day is the ultimate back step in any progress you intend to make.

I’ve recently joined Map My Run under the user name ChubbyGamer.  Hope to see some folks on there running and whatnot.


-Arrogancy, Chubby Gamer